Mega-mansions that are near worthless today

People with money have invested part of their wealth in living a comfortable life, which includes living in a luxurious mansion. While some people purchase a mansion and live there for most of their lives, there are others who enjoy amassing these magnificent properties or purchasing them until the next best thing comes along. Real estate seems like an easy business for the rich and famous, doesn’t it?

The wealthier they are, the more likely they are to purchase any luxury piece without hesitation. But these mansions have been on the market for so long that they seem worthless in value. If you had unlimited money and could purchase a mega-mansion from the list, which one would you choose?The wealthier they are, the more likely they are to purchase any luxury piece without hesitation. But these mansions have been on the market for so long that they seem worthless in value. If you had unlimited money and could purchase a mega-mansion from the list, which one would you choose?

The home of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s Home

You would think that Mel Gibson’s spectacular summer vacation home in Malibu, California, would be one of the top choices of real estate, but you are wrong. He originally priced the property at $14.5 in 2010, but because no buyers came along, he dropped its price to $12.8M, and in 2011 it hit its lowest point at $11.8M. Ten years later, it still doesn’t sell.

The Beach Mansion of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s Beach Mansion 

It is difficult to imagine why people wouldn’t want to buy this beautiful tropical-themed beach house with its beautiful tropical-theme! Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn’s Beach mansion has been on the market since 2011 for a whopping $14.8 million! The house is still on the market three decades later, but the couple rents it out to Airbnb for $95,000 a month.

A Connecticut mansion owned by 50 Cent

50 Cent’s Connecticut Mansion  

It would seem that 50 Cent’s mansion home, which boasts 52 rooms, a recording studio, a hot tub, and a gaming room, is well worth the $18.4 million asking price, considering the amenities. According to real estate agents, the rapper cannot sell the house because it is way too overpriced. He bought the mansion for a mere $4 million, and he listed it for what it is now.

The Tommy Hilfiger Mansion

Tommy Hilfiger’s Mansion 

In Connecticut, Tommy Hilfiger’s mansion features several rose gardens, a greenhouse, and a gorgeous cottage, so you would think that people would be lining up to get a hold of it. The mansion was originally named Chateau Paterno, since it was built for Charles Paterno. The mansion is filled with many paintings and sculptures. After relocating to Florida, Hilfiger and his wife put their mansion on the market for $48 million, but still no buyers have come forward.

The estate of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s Estate 

A mansion in Chicago owned by Michael Jordan has been on the market since 2012. Currently, it is priced at $15 million, and Jordan even forked over a pair of rare Jordan shoes to no avail. Experts say Jordan’s asking price is too high for a house that only has Jordan as a selling point.

Mansion owned by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Mansion

A celebrity’s dream come true is Jennifer Lopez’s Los Angeles, California, mansion. There are nine bedrooms, a dance studio, a gym, a theater, and even a recording studio in this mansion. The original asking price was $17 million, but she has lowered it significantly by $4 million. Property taxes in LA are the major reason this mansion isn’t selling.

Stallone’s Mansion

Sylvester Stallone’s Mansion 

As the actor himself chose the décor and theme of his La Quinta mansion, Sylvester Stallone pays tribute to his Italian heritage! The original listing for the mansion dates back to 2014 and was priced at $4.5 million. Due to a lack of buyers, Sylvester has reduced the price to $3.9 million. 

The mansion of Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Mansion 

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia, are known for flipping mansions and reselling luxury houses. However, their luck seems to have run out with their swanky Los Angeles condo.

Mansion of Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence’s Mansion 

He bought the Spanish estate back in 1994 for $1.4 million, and his current asking price is $2 million. His estate has six bedrooms, sauna rooms, a movie theater, and a master suite. 

Hampton House of Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer’s Hampton House 

Matt Lauer’s Hamptons house is a dream vacation house! It boasts six bedrooms, a huge porch located in front of a picturesque beach – just imagine chasing sunsets with this house! He is currently selling his mansion for $44.8 million, which has been on the market since 2019.

Penthouse of Steven Cohen

Steven Cohen’s Penthouse 

The real estate industry would seem to be a better place for a businessperson, but there is no luck in selling Steven Cohen’s penthouse in New York. A hedge fund owner, Steven Cohen sold his penthouse back in 2013 for a whopping $113 million. But since then, the asking price has dropped significantly to $98 million.

The townhouse of Alan Wilzig 

Alan Wilzig’s Townhouse 

The film Wolf of Wall Street depicts Alan Wilzig as a minor character, so you would know who he is. Since 2014, the famous businessman has been selling his New York townhouse for $44 million. However, his property is still on the market, so it appears he is having difficulty selling.

Forge Mansion

Forge Mansion 

Forge Mansion was built in the 1770s and is made of stones and a gable roof. With such a classic home, you probably can guess why it has been on the market for so long – ghosts are said to haunt the house.

The Halston Penthouse

The Halston Penthouse 

We cannot forget the Halston Penthouse and all the extravagant parties it hosted back then! Since 2011, this extravagant home has been on the market, where its initial value sat at $38 million. However, because of a lack of interest from potential buyers, the price has been significantly decreased to $21 million.

Mediterranean Mansion

Mediterranean Mansion 

A Mediterranean mansion with over 43,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms, and a wine cellar, this villa is also known as Palazzo di Amore. There were many celebrities who used the mansion to host extravagant parties, but it seems that no celebrities have expressed interest in purchasing it. It is on the market for $129 million.

Aiken State

Aiken State 

The Aiken Estate is a lush mansion located in Savannah, Georgia. The house is situated in a prime location with beautiful gardens, a huge verandah, and five bedrooms and bathrooms. Conrad Aiken owned the house previously, but he had a rocky relationship with his wife, Anna, who was rumored to be a socialite. It appears that the couple’s ghosts continue to haunt the manor despite the fact that their relationship did not end well.

Granot Loma

Granot Loma 

One of the most beautiful mansions on Lake Superior is Granit Loma. Over 400 Scandinavian craftsmen built the home over the past 20 years. The home has over 20 rooms, a hot tub, four separate apartments, and a private boating area. It has been on the market since 2017 with an initial asking price of $40 million, but the price was cut in half due to a lack of buyers.

Neverland Ranch

Neverland Ranch 

There are two guest houses, a lake, a 50-seat movie theater, and several Disney-themed rides on the iconic Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, which he owns. It fell into despair after the death of the music icon and experienced financial difficulties and foreclosures.

Stone-Walled Estate

Stone-Walled Estate 

Featuring a wine cellar, an eleven-car garage, a home theater, and over 30,000 square feet, this fairy-tale mansion is a royal’s dream come true! Although it has been on the market since 2010, due to high property taxes, it has since depreciated.

Glamour at the Golden Gate

Golden Gate Glamour 

There is no doubt that this classic home boasts stunning architecture that oozes Old-World elegance. The San Francisco market has been listing the property since 2017 for a price of $29.5 million. It boasts over 16,000 square feet, an elevator, seven bedrooms, and eleven bathrooms.

Denise Richards Mansion

Denise Richards Mansion 

Besides being an actress and model, Denise Richards is also a member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With its water pool, waterslide, wood-fired pizza oven, and an extravagant master bedroom, her mansion in Calabasas is fit for a Beverly Hills housewife. In addition, Angelina Jolie is believed to have rented the mansion after her divorce from Brad Pitt.

SK Pierce Mansion

SK Pierce Mansion 

When you look at the SK Pierce mansion, you probably understand why it has been on the market for so long. The large Victorian mansion was once owned by Sylvester Pierce, known for his amazing furniture. The mansion was built in the mid-1870s and is said to be haunted. Many people rent the home in an effort to experience the supernatural.

8 Mile Road Mansion 

8 Mile Road Mansion 

A long and winding private road leads to this Chateau-inspired mansion, which sits on over 4 acres of land in Michigan.

Pillar Estate

Pillar Estate 

This stunning Greek-inspired estate is in a prime location in New York and features five fireplaces, a library, a ballroom, six bedrooms, and even a parlor! It was first put on the market in 2015 for a million but has depreciated 50% since then. A significant part of this sudden depreciation in value is due to paranormal experiences that have occurred within the property.

Ann Starrett Mansion

Ann Starrett Mansion 

There are eleven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a majestic view at the Ann Starrett Mansion, which is Victorian-inspired and has more than 5,000 square feet. Due to the rumors that the mansion is haunted, it was briefly transformed into a boutique hotel, but was quickly closed.



This tri-mansion is literally three mansions in one! It features the mansion itself, an apartment, and a guesthouse, and is located in a prime Dallas location just minutes from downtown. In addition, Dallas has fairly low property tax guidelines, so people wonder why the Tri-Mansion has been on the market since 2019.

$10 New Jersey Mansion

$10 New Jersey Mansion 

This New Jersey Mansion is currently on sale for $10. The catch? Once you buy it, you must physically relocate the mansion because a subdivision is being built nearby.

Schweppe Mansion 

Schweppe Mansion 

Laura Schweppe received the Mayflower Place as a wedding present from her father, a prominent businessman. The place was primarily used to entertain royal visitors from Sweden and England.

French Provincial Castle

French Provincial Castle 

There is a fairy tale castle in the Bronx, New York, with turrets, a lush garden, and oak floors for more than $3 million. The property has been on and off the market since 2009.

The nightlife nest

Nightlife Nest

Source: Pinterest

In this Connecticut mansion, you’ll find everything you’d expect in a mansion: a home theater, a hot tub, an indoor pool, a… nightclub? Exactly, the so-called nightlife nest comes with a fully functional, full-scale nightclub. In light of the fact that home prices have plummeted 60% in the last decade, it seems surprising that the demand for in-home clubs has decreased.

A historic home in New Jersey

Historic New Jersey Home

Source: Pinterest

There are two major factors going against this historic New Jersey mansion. First, the home itself is in desperate need of renovation and full of asbestos and lead paint. In addition, the land immediately around the house has been zoned for eight more homes. The house cannot be renovated or torn down because it is listed as a Historic Landmark.

The “Watcher’s” Mansion


Source: Chasing New Jersey

In normal circumstances, this home would sell for millions. So, why hasn’t it? The Watcher…

An anonymous letter-writer known as The Watcher sends strange correspondence to anyone who lives in the house under his self-appointed name. The letter-writer’s “ancestors” were supposedly caretakers in the 1920s and 1960s, so they’re overprotective of the house, which is why many buyers simply skip it.

Billy Joel’s Palm Beach Mansion

Billy Joel's Palm Beach Mansion

Source: Pintertest

The Piano Man’s Palm Beach mansion has nothing blatantly wrong with it. There has been no movement on the 10,000 square foot, eight bedroom home for the past six years. The singer has even offered to include the furniture! The price has dropped several times, and is currently $9 million less than the original asking price.

A Hall of Justice for Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci's Hall of Justice

Source: Pintetest

Despite sitting on a highly coveted piece of property, Joe Pesci’s Jersey Shore mansion hasn’t sold for its $6 million asking price. Probably because it looks like the Justice League’s Hall of Justice or another alien/comic book spaceship was dropped into an entirely unrelated area.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Mansion 

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Mansion 

A combined net worth of $135 million allows Faith Hill and Tim McGraw to afford this amazing castle in Tennessee, which encompasses more than 1853 acres! Currently, the castle is on the market for $20 million. Although the castle may seem like a good deal for such a catch, the location is everything in real estate. Celebrities who are used to fast-paced city life may find it too boring because it is located in a sleepy town.

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