Top 16 Shocking Celebrity Interview Blunders of the Decade

Top 16 Shocking Celebrity Interview Blunders of the Decade


Isn’t it true that⁢ we‍ look up to celebrities as our role models and sources of inspirations? Nevertheless, there have been instances where they shock us ⁢with their unexpected behaviour. Over the⁣ last decade, there have been some significantly cringe-worthy celeb interview ​moments that have gone down in history. Let’s take a trip down memory ⁣lane and discuss each one.

Rihanna’s Unwanted‍ Reminder

First, we need to talk about the infamous‍ 2012 interview with‍ Rihanna on⁣ ‘Good Morning America’. We all remember how Diane Sawyer was blatantly unkind ⁢by questioning Rihanna about her abusive ⁤relationship with Chris Brown. Needless to say, this was highly inappropriate as it inflicted unnecessary emotional pain ⁢on Rihanna, drawing back from her traumatic⁣ past.

Kanye West’s Infamous Outburst

In 2013, during an interview with Sway Calloway, Kanye West had ‍a fiery outburst that⁤ was both shocking and inappropriate. The interview‌ took a⁣ turn for the worse when Sway asked Kanye ‌about his fashion line. Kanye’s response, a loud and aggressive “You ain’t got the answers, Sway!” was highly unexpected, making the interview both uncomfortable and controversial.

Tom Cruise’s Outlandish Act

Next on the list is Tom Cruise’s infamous Oprah interview in 2004.⁤ The actor deciding to show his love for Katie Holmes by jumping on Oprah’s couch was⁤ more ‍strange ​than charming. His over-the-top display of affection ⁢made eyebrows raise worldwide.

Cara Delevingne’s Awkward Encounter

Model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne had a cringe-worthy interview with Good Day Sacramento in 2015 while promoting ‘Paper Towns’. The news ‍hosts ⁢criticised Cara for appearing unenthusiastic and tired, to which Cara responded‍ sarcastically. It was quite clear that the hosts’ unprofessionalism⁣ was the root cause of⁤ the uncomfortable situation.

Taylor ‌Swift’s​ Uncomfortable Question

In 2015 at the Grammys, an⁤ interviewer asked Taylor Swift an inappropriate question about her body, leaving her ‌visibly uncomfortable. This question was absolutely ‍uncalled⁤ for and it came as a shock to her fans worldwide.

Billie Eilish’s Unfair‍ Treatment

Thereafter, Billie Eilish had an unfortunate interview ⁢experience with Jim Moret in 2020.​ Moret consistently⁣ interrupted her by⁢ laughing off her feelings about the climate crisis. This was not only disrespectful but also invalidating to the young artist.

End Notes

Lastly, it’s⁣ essential to note that these⁢ interviews can be awkward for both the celebs and the viewers at⁢ home. Let’s hope these instances serve as reminders for interviewers to play by the professional standards and ​avoid such discomfort in the future.


  1. Rapper became visibly upset ⁣and started yelling at Sway, demanding respect and claiming that he had more ⁢creativity than any other human being.

    It is truly sad to see how even our beloved celebrities can have moments of insensitivity and outbursts. These instances serve as a reminder that they are human and can make mistakes. However, it is important for interviewers and media personnel to be respectful and mindful of celebrities’ past traumas and emotional triggers. Let’s hope for more responsible and empathetic interactions in the future.

  2. Rapper, known for his controversial behavior, lost his cool when Sway asked about his fashion endeavors. This moment left a bad taste in the mouths of many and further solidified Kanye’s reputation as an unpredictable celebrity.

    It’s important to remember that celebrities are also human and can have their own struggles and moments of vulnerability. The media should be more mindful of how their questions and actions can affect them, and not just focus on sensationalism.



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