Cruise Incidents: Rare but Real – Accidents to Disease Outbreaks

Cruise incidents, ranging from accidents to disease outbreaks, do occur on rare occasions within the industry. As per a study published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, norovirus remains one of the most common illnesses on cruise ships, causing an average of 27 confirmed outbreaks annually over the past 5 years. Such outbreaks can spread rapidly due to the close quarters of passengers and staff on board.

One incident that gained significant media attention was the COVID-19 outbreak on the Ruby Princess cruise ship in 2020. The outbreak led to several deaths and sparked an investigation into the companies operating the ship. Despite the companies rejecting allegations of responsibility, the situation highlighted the importance of protocols and safety measures necessary to prevent and manage infectious disease outbreaks.

In addition to disease outbreaks, accidents can also occur on cruise ships. These can range from minor incidents such as slips and falls to more significant occurrences such as fires, collisions, or capsizing. While such incidents are generally rare, it is essential to have proper safety measures in place, including sufficient lifeboats and trained personnel, to ensure the safety of passengers and crew in emergencies.

It is worth noting that while cruise incidents do occur, they are not a prevalent occurrence in the industry. According to an epidemiological study published in the BMC Public Health Journal, there were 1031 cases of illness from over 3 million passenger visits and 1 million crew visits during the study period, highlighting the low incidence of illness.

The cruise industry takes incidents seriously and has implemented several measures to prevent and manage such situations. These measures include enhanced cleaning protocols, screening protocols before boarding, air filtration systems, and designated isolation areas for sick passengers and crew members.

In conclusion, while cruise incidents, from accidents to disease outbreaks, do occur on rare occasions, the industry has implemented measures to prevent and manage such situations. Passengers can also take precautions such as proper hand hygiene and following the provided safety protocols to help minimize the risk of incidents on board.

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Written by Dustin Gandof

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