Danny Bonaduce: From Partridge Family to Seattle DJ and Peaceful Life

Did Danny Bonaduce get along with David Cassidy?

David Cassidy was a god to me. We weren’t close when we did The Partridge Family — I was 10 years old; he was 20 — but to me he was like Elvis Presley, down to the jumpsuit and the arenas filled with fans. He did look out for me, though. Danny Bonaduce: From Partridge Family to Seattle DJ and Peaceful Life

Danny Bonaduce, a former child star of the hit TV show “The Partridge Family,” has lived quite the life. His early fame came at a price, and he has been open about his struggles with addiction and personal demons. However, in recent years, he has turned his life around and found peace as a DJ in Seattle.

Bonaduce played the mischievous Danny Partridge on the popular sitcom from 1970 to 1974. After the show ended, he struggled with substance abuse and was in and out of rehab. He also faced personal and professional setbacks, including a failed marriage and a career slump.

Despite his challenges, Bonaduce never gave up. He worked hard to rebuild his life and career, and he eventually landed a gig as a radio DJ in Philadelphia in the late 1980s. He quickly became known for his edgy and controversial style, and he built a loyal following of listeners.

Bonaduce continued to work in radio over the years, and he eventually relocated to Seattle, where he currently hosts a morning show on KZOK-FM. He has remained popular and relevant in the industry, and he has also continued to act in films and TV shows.

In recent years, Bonaduce has shared his story of addiction and recovery with others. He has been open about his struggles and has used his platform to help others who are facing similar challenges. He has also been an advocate for mental health and addiction awareness.

Through all of his ups and downs, Bonaduce has found a sense of peace and stability in his life. He has remarried and has been open about the positive impact his wife has had on his life. He’s also been vocal about the joys of being a dad, and he’s proud of his family.

In conclusion, Danny Bonaduce’s journey from child star to Seattle DJ is a testament to his resilience, perseverance, and strength. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, he never gave up on his dreams and worked hard to rebuild his life. Today, he’s a respected radio personality, actor, and advocate for mental health and addiction awareness. His story is an inspiration to many, and he serves as a reminder that even when we face adversity, we can always find hope and peace.

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Written by Dustin Gandof

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