Fans Pay Nearly $700 on Average for Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets Through Resale

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour has been one of the most highly anticipated events in the music industry for fans all around the world. With tickets now available for fans to purchase, many have been left shocked at the prices they are paying for their front row seats. In this article, we will explore the shocking costs of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Tickets, how fans are affording them, and some tips on how to get cheaper tickets.

According to Vivid Seats, an online ticket retailer, Taylor Swift tickets start at around $200, with an average price of $1700. The New York Post reports that the cost of a single ticket for one night of the tour starts at $389 before fees, with the next night costing $323 before fees, and the final show priced at $485 before fees. However, fans have reported spending more than $3000 to secure their front-row seats.

The question is, how are fans affording these tickets? Firstly, many die-hard fans will do whatever it takes to see their idol live on stage, even if it means paying more than they can afford. Some fans save for months or take out loans to cover the cost of their tickets. Others rely on credit cards or financing options offered by ticket sellers, despite the high interest rates attached to such loans. Additionally, some fans may be resellers who have purchased tickets with the intention of making a profit by selling them at a higher price.

However, not all of Swift’s fans are able or willing to spend thousands of dollars on their tickets. If you’re looking for cheaper tickets, it’s important to act fast and purchase them as soon as they become available. Tickets often go on sale months before the actual concert, giving fans an opportunity to purchase tickets at face value. Additionally, try purchasing tickets during presales, which are often available to fans who register with a particular site, use a specific credit card, or have signed up for a particular service. These presales often offer lower prices and better seats than publicly available tickets.

In conclusion, while the prices of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Tickets can be staggering, the high demand for them means that many fans are willing to pay whatever it takes to see their idol perform. If you’re one of those fans, it’s important to plan and budget accordingly to avoid getting into financial trouble. However, for those who can’t afford the high prices, there are still ways to get cheaper tickets with a little bit of patience and resilience.

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Written by Dustin Gandof

Dustin Gandof is a writer for BeGitty, a website about news and entertainment. He is interested in a lot of things including the production of music. In college, he studied at North Carolina State University.

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