Hooters Kayla ready to serve wings, Will Levis’ girlfriend distressed

Hooters Kayla Is Ready To Sling Wings, Will Levis’ Girlfriend Looks Distraught & Jerry Springer’s Baby Mama Honor Guard – OutKick is an interesting article that highlights the recent events surrounding Hooters employee Kayla and her boyfriend, Will Levis. In the article, the author, David Hookstead, reports that Kayla is ready to sling wings, but her boyfriend’s girlfriend is looking distraught. He also mentions Jerry Springer’s baby mama honor guard, although it is unclear how this is related to the main story.

The article seems to focus mostly on the drama surrounding Kayla and Will Levis, who is a football player. According to the author, Will Levis had been spotted with Kayla at a Hooters restaurant, and this had caused some drama with his girlfriend, who was apparently not happy about the situation. The article suggests that Kayla is ready to get back to work at Hooters despite the drama.

Overall, the article is a bit unclear and seems to be more focused on generating clicks than providing substantive information. It is unclear how the story about Jerry Springer’s baby mama honor guard is related to the main story about Kayla and Will Levis. Additionally, the article seems to be more focused on creating drama than providing accurate reporting. It is important to take articles like this with a grain of salt and to seek out additional sources to verify any information presented.

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Written by Dustin Gandof

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