Inside the Crypto House: A Tacky Yet Extravagant Airbnb in North Hollywood

Inside the Crypto House: A Tacky Yet Extravagant Airbnb in North Hollywood

The Crypto House is an extravagant Airbnb located in North Hollywood that has caught the attention of many tourists and curious visitors alike. With multiple articles and media coverage, this house has become a hot topic among the crypto community due to its unique crypto-themed decor and offerings.

The house was launched by Elle Levy in March of 2022, and business reportedly boomed from the get-go. Visitors can expect to pay a high price for the luxury of staying in this crypto-themed mansion, with prices ranging from $750-$1,500 per night. Despite the high price tag, the house has remained in high demand thanks to its one-of-a-kind aesthetic and unique features.

One of the striking aspects of the Crypto House is its wall adorned with NFTs, which are digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded using blockchain technology. The wall serves as both an eye-catching piece of art and a nod to the digital currency world, making it a popular spot for Instagram photo opportunities.

The crypto-themed decor extends to the rest of the house as well, with Bitcoin bar stools, Ethereum wall art, and a neon “HODL” sign, which is a popular term used in the crypto community that means to hold onto the cryptocurrency one owns rather than selling it. To complete the experience, visitors to the Crypto House are also given a guide to various local restaurants and bars that accept Bitcoin as payment.

However, while the Crypto House has certainly gained attention for its unique offerings, it’s worth noting that the decor has been criticized by some as tacky and flashy. Some have also pointed out that the high price tag may not be worth it for the actual accommodations, with the house receiving mixed reviews on Airbnb.

Despite a recent price drop of 20%, the Crypto House remains unsold as of April 8, 2023. Nevertheless, the mansion still attracts heavy attention and buzz due to its status as an Airbnb in the heart of North Hollywood with a unique crypto-oriented theme.

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Written by Dustin Gandof

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