James Harden involved in altercation outside Vegas hotel

Houston Rockets superstar James Harden was reportedly involved in a heated argument outside a Las Vegas hotel and casino on April 28, 2023. According to reports from TMZ Sports, the incident occurred earlier in the week while Harden was taking advantage of his days off from the NBA season.

Details about the argument remain scarce at this point, but it was confirmed that Harden was involved in the dispute with another individual outside of the hotel. It is not clear what the dispute was about or who the other person involved in the argument was.

The incident has come as a surprise to many fans of the NBA player, as Harden has never been involved in any serious legal trouble throughout his career. He has always been seen as a positive role model on and off the court, making headlines for his impressive game-winning shots and philanthropic efforts.

It is not yet known whether any charges will be pressed against Harden in connection with the incident. The Rockets organization has not released an official statement on the matter at this time.

Regardless, this incident serves as a reminder that even the most successful and well-respected athletes are not immune to making mistakes. Harden will no doubt be under scrutiny in the coming days in light of this news, but it remains to be seen how it will affect his career both on and off the court.

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Written by Dustin Gandof

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