Recap: Major changes rock the Roys in Succession S4 premiere

The fourth season of the hit HBO drama Succession premiered earlier this year and it did not disappoint. The show picked up right where it left off, with the Roy family reeling from the shocking events of the previous season. The premiere episode titled ‘Retribution’, was definitely worth the wait and it featured some major changes that rocked the Roys to their core.

For those who may need a quick refresher, Succession follows the Roy family, a wealthy and dysfunctional family who own a media empire. The patriarch of the family, Logan Roy, is the founder and CEO of the company, and he is known for his cutthroat business tactics and ruthless nature. The show explores the power struggles and backroom dealings within the family as each member jockeys for position and tries to secure their spot in the company hierarchy.

Now, let’s dive into the major changes that occurred in the season four premiere. First and foremost, the Roy siblings – Kendall, Shiv, Roman, and Connor – are finally united against their father. In previous seasons, we have seen the siblings constantly at odds with each other, but in season four, they have banded together to take down their father and gain control of the company.

The premiere episode also saw several character arcs come to a head. Kendall, who has struggled with addiction and loyalty to his father in previous seasons, finally chooses his own path and sets out to take down Logan. Shiv, who has always been the detached and calculating member of the family, shows her vulnerable side as she struggles to navigate her fraught relationship with her husband Tom and her loyalty to her family.

One of the most shocking moments of the episode came towards the end when Logan announced that he was stepping down as CEO of the company. This announcement sent shockwaves through the family, as everyone scrambled to secure their position in the company. The fact that Logan made this decision without fully consulting his family, shows just how much power he still wields and how much the Roys need to do to take control.

In conclusion, the season four premiere of Succession was everything fans could have hoped for and more. The show continues to deliver on its promise of drama, intrigue, and high-stakes power struggles. The major changes that occurred in the premiere set the stage for an exciting season ahead, and fans are eagerly waiting to see how the Roy family will fare in their quest for power and control.

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