10 Hidden State Capital Gems to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

10 Hidden State Capital Gems to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

States Beyond the Usual Tourist List

Are you looking to add some unconventional travel destinations to your bucket list? Explore these state capitals that, while not as well-known, are still worth the visit.

Little Rock, Arkansas

If you’re a fan of history and outdoor activities, Little Rock is a prime spot. Visit the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site to learn about the city’s role in the Civil Rights Movement. You can also enjoy the scenic Arkansas River Trail for a relaxing hike or bike ride.

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines is home to a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, including the famous Iowa State Fair. The city also boasts a thriving arts scene, with plenty of galleries and museums to explore.

Boise, Idaho

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boise is a nature lover’s paradise. Hike the trails of the nearby Boise National Forest or float down the Boise River on a hot summer day. Don’t forget to explore the unique Basque culture in this western city.

Montgomery, Alabama

If you’re interested in the Civil Rights Movement, Montgomery is a must-visit. Walk in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and visit the Rosa Parks Museum. The city also has a rich history in the arts, with a number of museums and cultural events throughout the year.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence is a charming New England city with plenty of history and culture. Visit the Rhode Island State House, a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture, or enjoy the local food scene at the Providence Rink’s seasonal outdoor market.

Augusta, Maine

Augusta, the capital of Maine, may be small, but it has a lot to offer. Explore the nearby Kennebec River or check out the Maine State Museum for a taste of the state’s unique history. You can also take a tour of the majestic State House.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus may not be as well-known as other Midwestern cities, but it has a thriving arts scene and plenty of attractions to offer. Check out the COSI Science Museum or explore the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Helena, Montana

If you’re looking for a mountain getaway, Helena is the perfect destination. The surrounding Rocky Mountains offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, and the city itself boasts a rich history as a mining town. Be sure to visit the recently renovated Helena History Museum for a look back in time.

Pierre, South Dakota

Pierre, the capital of South Dakota, may be small, but it’s full of charm. Visit the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Museum or take a stroll along the Missouri River. You can also take a tour of the nearby town of Fort Pierre for a taste of the Old West.

Topeka, Kansas

Topeka is a great destination for history and art enthusiasts. Visit the Kansas State Capitol building, one of the most beautiful state capitol buildings in the country. You can also explore the many exhibits at the Topeka Zoo or check out the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library’s art collection.

Enjoy these underrated destinations on your next travel adventure!

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