8 misconceptions of flight attendants that are not their responsibilities

8 misconceptions of flight attendants that are not their responsibilities

8 Things People Expect Flight Attendants To Do That Aren’t Their Jobs


When flying, many of us have high hopes and expectations of our flight attendants. We expect them to have a smile on their face, serve us drinks and food, and even help us with our carry-on luggage. But there are some things that people expect flight attendants to do that aren’t actually part of their job description.

1. Be a Therapist

One thing that people often expect of flight attendants is for them to be a therapist. Many passengers may talk to flight attendants about their personal problems, but it’s not their job to provide mental health support.

2. Fix Broken Devices and Wi-Fi

In-flight entertainment systems and Wi-Fi are great when they work, but when they don’t, passengers often expect flight attendants to fix them. However, they are not trained in technical support and cannot repair broken devices or Wi-Fi.

3. Entertain Children

Parents often expect flight attendants to entertain their children during long flights. While flight attendants may offer some entertainment options, it’s not their responsibility to keep children occupied throughout the entire flight.

4. Keep Your Pet Company

Some passengers like to bring their pets on flights, but they shouldn’t expect flight attendants to look after their pets. Flight attendants are not trained to care for animals, and their focus should be on the safety and comfort of all passengers on board.

5. Store Your Luggage for You

While flight attendants help passengers store their carry-on luggage, they are not required to do so. It’s important for passengers to be able to handle their own luggage independently.

6. Serve Your Preferred Meal

Although airlines ask for passengers to specify their meal preferences ahead of time, there may be times when their preferred meal is not available. In this situation, it’s not a flight attendant’s responsibility to provide a different meal.

7. Provide Personal Grooming Items

If you forget to pack your toothbrush or deodorant, don’t expect flight attendants to provide them for you. They do not carry extra items for passengers to use for personal grooming.

8. Deal with Unruly Passengers

Dealing with unruly passengers is not something that flight attendants are trained to do. If a passenger is causing a disturbance or acting aggressively, it’s up to the flight crew to handle the situation.


Flight attendants have a demanding job as they are responsible for the safety and well-being of everyone on board a flight. While they may go above and beyond their duties to make passengers happy, it’s important for passengers to remember what is and what isn’t a flight attendant’s responsibility.

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