Doja Cat under fire for vaping at Met Gala

Doja Cat under fire for vaping at Met Gala

Here’s the Reason Doja Cat Probably Won’t Be Getting Invited Back to Met Gala – XXLMAG.COM


On May 2, 2023, the Met Gala was held in New York City. As usual, celebrities dressed up in their best outfits and made their way down the red carpet. Among them was rapper and singer Doja Cat, who made quite the impression with her controversial appearance.

Doja Cat’s Met Gala Outfit

Doja Cat arrived at the Met Gala dressed in a form-fitting catsuit that was covered in fur. She completed the look with cat ears, a tail, and makeup that transformed her into a humanoid cat.

The Controversy

While Doja Cat’s outfit was undoubtedly eye-catching, it was her behavior that drew criticism from some people. According to reports, she was caught vaping inside the event, despite the fact that smoking is strictly prohibited at the Met Gala.

Doja Cat’s decision to ignore the rules has led to some speculation that she might not be invited back to the Met Gala in the future.

Doja Cat’s Response

After the event, Doja Cat took to social media to defend herself. She claimed that she didn’t realize vaping was not allowed inside the Met Gala and apologized for any offense she may have caused.

Some fans have come to Doja Cat’s defense, arguing that the Met Gala is a stuffy and outdated event that could use a bit of rebellion and excitement. Others, however, feel that her behavior was disrespectful and that she should have known better.


In the end, whether or not Doja Cat will be invited back to the Met Gala remains to be seen. But one thing is certain – her appearance at the event has caused quite a stir and sparked a conversation about the role of rules and tradition in the fashion world.

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