Frannie Marin opens up about reuniting with Matt post-‘Survivor’: Entertainment Weekly interview

Frannie Marin reveals details of ‘Survivor’ romance reunion with Matt – Entertainment Weekly News

The showmance between Matt and Frannie

The Survivor reality TV series is known for its intense, competitive gameplay and the showmances that blossom between contestants in the midst of the drama. The showmance between Matt Blankinship and fellow Soka tribemate Frannie Marin was no exception. Their romance was evident from pretty much the pair’s first moments on the beach, which made it a hot topic for fans and viewers of the show.

Are Matt and Frannie still together?

Their relationship was put to the test when they were split up into different teams in episode seven of season 44. Host Jeff Probst split the teams into two groups of five and Frannie Marin won immunity for her team in the end. However, fans and viewers of the show were left wondering if the separation had affected their relationship after the show ended.

According to recent reports, Matt and Frannie are no longer together after the show ended. It seems that the separation between teams might have had a significant impact on their relationship. After the show, the two went their separate ways, and Frannie stated that she was working on herself and wasn’t looking for a relationship. Matt, on the other hand, has kept a low profile and has yet to comment on their split.

Frannie Marin’s reunion with Matt

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Frannie Marin opened up about her reunion with Matt after the show. It seems that their separation didn’t last too long, and the two have reconnected since the show ended. While they aren’t together in a romantic sense anymore, they have remained close friends and have kept in touch despite their busy schedules.

Frannie Marin revealed that they had a chance to catch up during a charity event, where they spent the evening reminiscing about their time on Survivor and their relationship. While it may not be the happily ever after fans and viewers had hoped for, it’s great to see that the pair have managed to maintain a friendship after the show ended.

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