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Trump’s Ruling on Suburban Racial Disparities

What You Need to Know About Trump’s Ruling and Its Impact

President Donald Trump’s latest move to roll back an Obama-era regulation aimed to eliminate racial disparities in suburbs has sparked a lot of controversy and debate. The regulation in question, known as the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), required local governments to assess their communities’ racial and economic demographics and come up with plans to address any segregation and inequality issues.

The Ruling and Its Implications

Trump’s recent decision to repeal the AFFH has been criticized by many, including fair housing groups and civil rights organizations. They argue that the move would reverse the progress made towards fair and equal housing opportunities for all Americans, especially those of marginalized communities.

With the AFFH being eliminated, it would become easier for local governments to ignore the issues of segregation and discrimination in the suburbs. The ruling could also lead to decreased funding for affordable housing initiatives and community development programs, which would disproportionately affect communities of color.

Celebrities’ Reactions to the Ruling

As expected, Trump’s latest move has also caught the attention of many celebrities. Bette Midler, Jamie Lee Curtis, and other famous personalities have taken to social media to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the ruling.

Bette Midler

Bette Midler, a well-known singer and actress, has been vocal about her opposition to Trump’s policies. In a recent tweet, she criticized the president’s decision, calling it a step backward for civil rights and equality.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis, an actress and author, also expressed her dismay at the repeal of the AFFH. She tweeted that the ruling would lead to further segregation in communities and called on her followers to fight for fair and affordable housing for all.

Many other celebrities, including John Legend, Questlove, and Mark Ruffalo, have also condemned Trump’s ruling and urged their followers to take action.


Trump’s decision to repeal the AFFH is a major setback for efforts to address racial inequalities and segregation in the suburbs. The move has been met with widespread criticism and concern, with many fearing that it would lead to further discrimination and inequality in housing opportunities.

As for the celebrities who spoke out against the ruling, their voices add to the growing chorus of those who are standing up for fairness, equality, and justice for all Americans. Whether or not their words will lead to real change remains to be seen, but their message is clear – the fight for fair and affordable housing is far from over.

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