Mama June and Family Get Emotional During Intense Therapy Session in New Trailer

Mama June Shannon and her family are the focus of the newest trailer for “Mama June: Family Crisis,” and emotions are running high during an intense therapy session. The trailer, released on April 6, 2023, shows the family in tears as they confront their issues and try to move past them.

The therapy session appears to center around Mama June’s recent wedding to Ernest Thompson, which was marred by drama and tension. Mama June’s daughters, including Alana (aka Honey Boo Boo), Lauryn (aka Pumpkin), and Jessica (aka Chubbs), are visibly upset as they talk about their mother’s choices and the toll it has taken on their family.

In the trailer, Mama June is shown breaking down in tears as she talks about her own struggles and the pain she has caused her family. It is clear that everyone is working through a lot of difficult emotions and trying to come to terms with the challenges they are facing.

The trailer also teases some explosive moments between Mama June’s family members, as well as appearances from family therapist Dr. Ish Major and other experts who are trying to help the family heal.

While it is clear that Mama June and her family are going through a difficult time, the trailer also suggests that they are committed to working through their issues and coming out stronger on the other side. It remains to be seen what the full season of “Mama June: Family Crisis” will bring, but fans can expect plenty of drama, emotion, and heartbreak as the family navigates their way through this challenging time.

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Written by Dustin Gandof

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