Stephen Colbert Unveils GOP Speaker’s Biggest Sex Fears

Unveiling the Perplexities of the Newly Elected GOP House Speaker

Imagine, if you will, the newly-elected GOP House Speaker, sitting in his illustrious office, surrounded by the trappings of power, with a hint of trepidation in his eyes. Yes, you read right. The very thought of addressing the topic of sex-related issues has him quaking in his polished, governmental shoes.

Aquiver Over The Topic of Sex Education

Let’s begin by acknowledging that sex is a fundamental part of human existence. However, when it comes to discussing it, particularly in a political context, it tends to strike fear into the hearts of many a politician. Our new GOP House Speaker is no exception. In an era where sexual education and freedom are hotly discussed topics, this reticence seems markedly out of place.

In the land where freedom of speech is a celebrated right, why this sudden bout of coyness? It likely stems from the conservative values that form the bedrock of the GOP. While it is essential to respect different belief systems, an unwillingness to engage in constructive dialogue about such matters may prevent progress.

The Dread of Addressing Issues around the LGBTQ+ Community

Take, for instance, the issue of sexual orientation and gender identity. The progress made by the LGBTQ community over the years is remarkable, yet there remains a hesitance, and sometimes outright refusal, by some members of the GOP to acknowledge these gains. Our new speaker, it seems, may also be wary of acknowledging these achievements, potentially due to the traditional values held by the party’s voter base.

While these fears are not insurmountable, they do highlight the challenges our elected officials face in trying to bridge the gap between their beliefs and the evolving societal norms.

When Contraception Underlines a Conflict of Belief

Speaking of evolving norms, let’s move onto a topic that incites a fair bit of controversy – contraception. This topic has been a contentious one for decades, particularly among conservative circles. With the advent of modern methods of contraception, one would think that these debates would no longer be relevant. However, the truth is far from it.

Our new speaker, it seems, is grappling with this very issue. Merely acknowledging the existence of contraception, and the right to access safe, affordable contraceptive methods, seems to be a tough pill to swallow for many conservative politicians. But why the reluctance? It seems to be a complex amalgamation of religious beliefs, voter sensibilities, and the fear of runaway liberalism.

Sexual Harassment: A Hesitant Handling

As we delve into the realm of fear and avoidance, sexual harassment is not far from the conversation. The #MeToo era has exposed the magnitude of this issue, elliciting reactions from denial to fear, to belated acknowledgement from many. Our speaker, too, seems tiptoed around the issue, apprehensive of the backlash addressing it convincingly can produce.

Shedding the Shell of Fear

Sexual education, LGBTQ+ rights, contraception, and sexual harassment – these are the issues that our new GOP House Speaker purportedly fears the most. The hesitation and fear around these topics underscore the challenges that our leaders face in their quest to serve their constituents, and the diversity of views they must accommodate.

It is no small task, but, with time, perhaps our new speaker will find the courage to address these essential issues without fear. After all, understanding starts with conversation, doesn’t it?


  1. In navigating sensitive issues. The true test of leadership lies in finding common ground and addressing these topics in a respectful, inclusive manner. It is my hope that our newly elected GOP House Speaker can rise to the occasion and begin to unravel the perplexing issues surrounding sex and sexuality in a way that fosters progress and understanding for all.

    This short piece provides a thought-provoking commentary on the challenges and fears faced by our newly elected GOP House Speaker in addressing important and sensitive topics surrounding sex and sexuality. It highlights the need for open and constructive dialogue, and the importance of finding common ground in order to address these issues in a respectful and inclusive manner. Let us hope that our leader can rise to the occasion and navigate these perplexities with grace and understanding.

  2. In addressing important social issues. It is essential for our leaders to have open and respectful discussions about all topics, including those that may make them uncomfortable. Only then can we achieve understanding and progress as a nation.

    It is evident that the newly-elected GOP House Speaker is facing perplexities when it comes to discussing sex-related issues. Despite the importance of addressing such topics, there is a pervasive fear and coyness that seems to surround them, likely stemming from conservative values and societal norms. It is crucial for our leaders to overcome these hesitancies and engage in open and respectful dialogue about all issues, in order to bring progress and understanding to our society.



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Written by Dustin Gandof

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