Flight Attendants’ Top Tips for Flying with Little Kids


Flying with little kids can be an intimidating task for parents. However, with the right preparation and tips from the experts, it doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the best tips shared by flight attendants to make your flying experience with little ones smoother and more enjoyable.

Tip #1: Pack light

When traveling with little kids, packing light is crucial. The more you pack, the more difficult it will be to keep track of everything, especially when you’re on the move. So, it’s important to pack only what you need and avoid overpacking.

Tip #1.1: Use packing cubes

Packing cubes not only help you stay organized, but they also make it easier to find what you need without having to dig through your entire suitcase. Plus, they can also be used to separate dirty clothes from clean ones.

Tip #2: Have bright bags

Having bright-colored bags can make your luggage stand out from the sea of black suitcases, making it easier to spot them on the baggage carousel. This is especially helpful when you’re traveling with kids, as they can become easily distracted and wander off.

Tip #3: Check each individual bag isn’t overweight

Before heading to the airport, it’s important to make sure each individual bag isn’t overweight. Most airlines have a weight limit for checked bags, and exceeding it can result in additional fees. So, it’s better to check ahead of time and redistribute the weight among your bags if necessary.

Tip #4: Bring snacks and drinks

Snacks and drinks are essential when traveling with little kids. It’s important to bring enough to last them the duration of the flight, as well as some extra in case of delays. Additionally, having their favorite snacks and drinks on hand can make the flight more enjoyable for them.

Tip #5: Bring activities and entertainment

Kids can get bored easily, especially when confined to a small space for a long period of time. So, it’s important to bring plenty of activities and entertainment to keep them occupied. This can include coloring books, puzzles, tablets, and even small toys.

Tip #6: Book seats in advance

When traveling with kids, it’s a good idea to book seats in advance so you can all sit together. Some airlines also offer special seats for families with young children, which can provide more space and convenience.

Tip #7: Dress appropriately

It’s important to dress your kids in comfortable clothes, such as soft and breathable fabrics. Additionally, dressing them in layers can help regulate their temperature on the flight. It’s also a good idea to pack extra clothes in case of spills or accidents.

Tip #8: Be prepared for ear pressure

Ear pressure can be a common issue for kids during takeoff and landing. To alleviate this, you can encourage them to chew gum or suck on a pacifier, or even give them a small snack to munch on.


Flying with little kids doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By following these tips from flight attendants, you can make your next flight with your little ones smoother and more enjoyable.

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