Exploring beyond humor: CBS comedy ‘Ghosts’ tackles deeper issues in ‘Alberta’s Descendant

The second season of the hit CBS comedy “Ghosts” has brought new twists and turns to the story, including a murder-mystery podcast that uncovers the shady jazz past of the show’s character Alberta. Actress Danielle Pinnock, who plays Alberta, has been at the forefront of the show’s success, bringing her own unique spin to the beloved character.

Pinnock has made it clear that she wants viewers to see the vulnerable side of Alberta this season. In a recent interview with Parade, the actress discussed the challenges of playing a character that is larger than life, but also has a depth that needs to be explored.

“Alberta is someone who is very comfortable in her own skin, and that is amazing to watch,” Pinnock said. “But there’s also this vulnerability that comes from being so confident. It’s something I really wanted to bring out this season.”

The addition of the murder-mystery podcast storyline has allowed for more depth to be explored with Alberta’s character. As the podcast delves deeper into her past, viewers get to see a different side of Alberta, one that is not just the life of the party, but someone who has been through some tough times.

Pinnock’s portrayal of Alberta has earned praise from fans and critics alike. The actress is no stranger to playing dynamic characters, having previously starred on Broadway in “The Lion King” and “The Miracle Worker.” But it’s clear that playing Alberta has been a career highlight for her.

“Playing Alberta has been such a gift,” Pinnock said. “I love getting to bring her to life and show all of these different sides to her. I hope viewers are enjoying seeing this vulnerable side to her as much as I am.”

In a television landscape that often relies on stereotypes and one-dimensional characters, “Ghosts” and Pinnock’s portrayal of Alberta are a refreshing change. As the show’s second season continues, it’s clear that there is much more to explore with this dynamic character, and Pinnock is more than up to the task of bringing her to life.

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Written by Dustin Gandof

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