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Traveling by plane can be a stressful experience. From long lines at security to cramped seating arrangements, it’s no wonder many people are eager to upgrade their flying experience. One way to do that is by getting free upgrades and other perks. Here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Offer to Give up Your Seat

If a flight is overbooked, airlines often ask passengers to give up their seats in exchange for a voucher or a free upgrade on a future flight. While it may require some flexibility in your travel plans, it can be a great way to snag a free upgrade.

2. Use Your Miles

One of the most obvious ways to get an upgrade is by using your miles. If you have enough miles or points, you may be able to upgrade to a higher class without spending any extra money.

3. Ask for an Upgrade

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. It may seem like a long shot, but many airlines are willing to upgrade passengers if they have open seats in a higher class. It doesn’t hurt to politely ask the gate agent if there are any upgrades available.

4. Dress the Part

While it may seem superficial, dressing nicely can increase your chances of getting a free upgrade. Airlines are more likely to upgrade passengers who look like they belong in a higher class.

5. Be Loyal

Frequent flyers are often rewarded with free upgrades and other perks. By sticking to one airline and accruing frequent flyer miles, you may be able to score a free upgrade on your next flight.

6. Sit in the Right Seats

If you can’t get a free upgrade, there are still ways to make your flight more comfortable. If you’re tall, opt for seats with more legroom or sit in the bulkhead row. If you prefer a quieter ride, choose a seat toward the front of the plane.

In conclusion, getting a free upgrade or other perks on a flight requires a bit of luck and strategy. Whether you offer to give up your seat, use your miles, or politely ask for an upgrade, it never hurts to try. And if all else fails, choosing the right seat can still make your flight more comfortable. Happy travels!

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Written by Dustin Gandof

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